Fruit Fly Trappers - Riverside/San Bernardino Counties (20 immediate openings)

Cooperative Agricultural Support Services Authorit
Riverside, MD
United States
Job Description


POSITION TITLE:               Fruit Fly Trappers (20 immediate openings)

DEPARTMENT:                   Fruit Fly Eradication Program

LOCATION:                         Riverside/San Bernardino Counties

REPORTS TO:                      Lead Agricultural Specialist or Designee

FLSA STATUS:                     Full-time, Temporary, Non-Exempt

COMPENSATION:              Pay Rate: $21.72 - $22.63/Hour


The Cooperative Agricultural Support Services (CASS) is a Joint Powers Authority that was originally formed as a partnership between the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the Counties of Yolo and Trinity.  Since then, CASS’ services have expanded throughout California to support the agricultural industry and the consumers of its products by providing human resources and administrative support services. CASS’ program activities include agricultural inspection, pest prevention, and other programs administered by CDFA, county agricultural commissioners, and other public agencies. Our current work includes:  

  • Agricultural Commodity Grading Program
  • Grading using County, State, and Federal standards
  • Emergency Pest Detection Trapping and Survey program
  • Professional Develop and Educational Training

We are seeking enthusiastic fruit fly trappers for our fruit fly eradication program!


  • Follow established protocols for trapping and survey work. 
  • Safely operate and maintain a motor vehicle to travel to designated work areas. 
  • Service traps perform insect sweeps and visually inspect local plant hosts for target pest damage. 
  • Remove suspect plant and insect samples from foliage or from a variety of insect collection tools and check for target pests.
  • Draw and follow maps when performing field activities. Use GPS technology to site- register and package samples. Maintain site location and sample integrity. 
  • Keep daily reports of work completed, i.e., number of traps serviced, properties treated, acreage surveyed, samples collected, and other information as needed. 
  • Screen wet and dry traps for target pests (plant and insect). Examine the contents of traps to make a preliminary identification of specimens that resemble target pests.
  • Take prescribed action when a preliminary identification of a target pest is made which may include but is not limited to, drawing a map of the find site, completing a Pest Detection Report form, and placing the sample in an appropriate container.
  • Initiate contact with a property owner or representative to conduct a visual survey, place traps, or carry out eradication activities.
  • Notify the team lead or supervisor when equipment needs repair or replacement.
  • Attendance, punctuality, and dependability is essential to this position.
  • Other duties as assigned. 


  • High School Diploma
  • Valid Driver's License with good driving record (no points)
  • Ability to adapt to a flexible work environment
  • Self-Starter and proactive
  • Excellent Oral and Written Communication skills
  • Excellent Time Management and Organizational skills

Employer will provide a vehicle for work purposes.