Intern - Solar Installer

Solar Holler
Huntington, WV
United States
Job Description

Essential Job Functions

  • Install photovoltaic (PV) systems in accordance with codes and standards using drawings, schematics, and instructions.

  • Interconnect Inverter and other AC components as specified by design and appropriate codes and regulations

  • Install module array interconnect wiring, implementing measures to disable arrays during installation.

  • Check electrical installation for proper wiring, polarity, grounding, and integrity of terminations.

  • Test and commission equipment, such as inverters and monitoring system.

  • Program, adjust, or configure inverters and controls for desired set points and operating modes.

  • Install required labels on solar system components and hardware.

  • Perform routine photovoltaic (PV) system maintenance on modules, arrays, equipment, safety systems, structural systems, weather sealing, or balance of systems equipment.

  • Activate photovoltaic (PV) systems to verify system functionality and conformity to performance expectations.

  • Adeptly communicate with customers and staff the status of each job.