Internship Grower - Production

Dayton, OH
United States
Job Description
Internship Program Goal:
We are seeking highly motivated, hardworking student interns looking to pursue careers in commercial horticulture as a grower in Springfield, OH.
Provide a hands-on greenhouse experience focused on production and growing in a commercial greenhouse environment. While the internship is focused on growing and production, we also hope to provide an opportunity for the intern to experience each department within our company with a goal of providing a broad overview of the inner workings of the company.
Internships Dates offered:
3-month program - April 1-June 30
4-month program - March 1-June 30
6-month program - March 1 - Aug 31
Company Overview:
Bell Nursery is an innovative wholesale nursery grower in the Central Garden & Pet portfolio and the second largest greenhouse footprint in the nation. We have production facilities in MD, VA, NC, KY, NJ, and Ohio which service Home Depot stores with flowers, plants and trees across 18 states. In 2022 we were awarded, the "Environmental Partner of the Year" and in 2021 the "Supplier of the Year". We are committed to driving sustainability through our operations, working diligently to provide a safe and healthy work environment, supporting farm communities, and protecting vital environmental resources.
Utilizing 100% wind power at three facilities to significantly reduce CO2 consumption
Recycling 5.7 million pounds of cardboard and plastic through stores and on-site programs
Implementing biological controls in Bell Nursery growing spaces
Leveraging drip irrigation in perennials farms, reducing 100,000,000 gallons in 2021
By Selling 1.3 million trees in five years through The Home Depot. When planted in an urban environment and allowed to grow for 10 years, these trees can sequester an estimated 77,000 metric tons of CO2.
Grower/Internship Position:
It is our goal at Bell to provide a rewarding and educational experience to the student/intern. The internship is 3, 4, or 6 month program focused on greenhouse production and is designed for individuals with a serious interest in becoming a commercial grower. The student/intern will primarily be part of the growing and production team but will also be exposed to as many different areas of the business as possible.
College Graduate or Intern should be interested in the technical side of growing and not advancing on a management path.
IMPORTANT!! Bell Nursery does NOT provide housing. Intern housing will be secured by the intern themselves.
College Graduate or Intern Studies
Trial Manager
Intern Requirements:
Organic Chemistry
Lab Work
Plant Production
Preferred Job Experience:
Agriculture Experience
Greenhouse Experience
Passion to Grow
Physical Labor
Developing Skills, Leadership Activities and Previous Work Experiences:
Analytical skills
Critical Thinking
Interpersonal skills
Mechanical skills
Physical Strength
Communicate Effectively
A Positive Attitude
Willingness to Learn
A Passion for Growing Plants!
Leadership Ability!
Intern Project:
The student/intern will also be assigned a special project that will benefit both Bell Nursery, as well as be an opportunity for the student to show initiative and achieve a sense of responsibility. While the focus of the internship will be the grower position, the intern will also be exposed to as many facets of the business as possible. The student/intern will interact with managers of each department to learn how each department runs as well as how the different departments interact within the company.
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