Lawn Maintenance Laborer

Job Posted 8/23/2023
College Fund Landscaping
Lucas, TX 75002
United States
Job Description

Lawn Maintenance Laborer

Are you: A hard working individual who enjoys completing a list of daily tasks?

Do You: Enjoy working outdoors in a structured environment and helping homeowners achieve a great lawn?

Do you: Enjoy working on a crew of 2 - 3 other people?

Are you: A creature of habit that prefers stability and predictability?

Do you:  Want to join a growing company with opportunities for advancement?

1.    Position description: The Lawn Maintenance Laborer must have a positive, can-do attitude, be an eager learner, be conscious of safety requirements, work effectively as a team member, dress appropriately, be punctual, and follow all instructions given by the Maintenance  Leadman.

2.   CFL Value Alignment:  At CFL we have four main core values.

  • Todo Para Uno (all for one) - We are not a team because we work together, we are a FAMILY because we respect, trust, help & care for each other

  • We Work Hard - Our CFL family relies on us to do whatever it takes to deliver quality, exceed expectations the first time and do what's right.
If being part of a hard-working team with a supportive structure aligns with your goals, we want you!

  • Lift & Respect - Respect, dignity and equality guide us daily to Lift each other to be our best

  • Do What's Right - Our team acts with integrity and honesty, and focuses on putting ourselves in the shoes of others.

If you are mean spirited or do not enjoy helping others on your team, be their best, you will not fit in. If being treated with respect and an opportunity excites you,  please join the best!

 The Maintenance Basic Laborer reports directly to the Maintenance Foreman or Leadman.

  3. Skill set and educational requirements: The Maintenance Basic Laborer must possess the following skill set and educational background:

A.  No previous landscape maintenance experience needed.

B.  Minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

C.  Legal documentation to verify employment eligibility.

D.  Physically able to handle the work load of a Maintenance Leadman or Laborer.

E.  Have full range of mobility in upper and lower body.

F.  Able to lift 50 pounds without assistance.

G.  Have reliable transportation to/from work.

  4. Responsibilities: 

A.  Follows all instructions given by the Maintenance Foreman or Leadman.

B.  Thoroughly understands and complies with company policy and safety manual.

C.  Reports any/all unsafe conditions or accidents.

D.  Properly and safely operates equipment.

E.  Works in a safe manner and reports any/all unsafe conditions to foreman and/or supervisors.

F.  Reports to work on time.

G.  Is a willing learner who seeks to master the basic skills of landscape maintenance.

H.  Reports to work in a clean, appropriate uniform and wearing the appropriate boots.

I.   Able to communicate with supervisor in a timely and thorough manner.

J.   Completes assigned tasks efficiently, thoroughly, and per company production rates.

  5. Salary, bonus, and/or commissions: Commensurate with experience ($16.49 per hour).

  6. Appraisal criteria: The primary appraisal criteria for the Maintenance Basic Laborer is to show up on time in the proper clean uniform, work hard, and within 90 days learn the skills necessary to properly and safely operate all hand tools and to meet company production rates.

  7. Individual profile: 

A.  A self-starter.

B.  Action- and results-oriented.

C.  Excels at being part of a team.

D.  Excels at following instructions.

E.  Dependable.

F.  Pays attention to detail.

8. Professional attitude: 

A.  Customer-service oriented.

B.  Enjoys being coached and part of a team of professionals.

C.  Displays a positive, “can-do” demeanor.

D.  Encourages, assists, and supports fellow crew members.

E.  Requires minimal supervision.

F.  Desires to grow professionally and seeks to improve personal skill set.

G.  Seeks out other professionals from whom to learn.

H.  Is punctual and energetic.

I.   Accepts and appreciates correctional input/feedback from fellow crew members.

J.   Enjoys working with and contributing to a team.

K.  Maintains high professional standards for neatness, discipline, self-control, and organization.

L.  Is not moody, belligerent, narcissistic, a loner, vindictive, mean-spirited, etc.

9. Potential career path for next five positions: 

A.  Maintenance Leadman.

B.  Maintenance Foreman.

C.  Maintenance Manager.

D.  Landscape Installation Leadman.

E.  Landscape or Irrigation Foreman/Crew Leader.

Compensation: $16.49 - $18.00 per hour