Locomotive Electrician - Cincinnati. OH 2023

Norfolk Southern Corporation
Cincinnati, OH
United States
Job Description
Requisition ID :35035
Job Summary:
Locomotive Electricians are responsible for conducting routine maintenance, repair, rebuild, inspect, and install all electrical wiring and equipment on diesel electric locomotives and their components.
Primary Responsibilities:
Ensure compliance with all railroad rules and regulations for safety, operations, and federal regulations
Wire, maintain, repair, rebuild, inspect, and install equipment such as: Rheostats, Control Systems, Transformers, Motors & Generators, Welding Machines, Electric Lighting Fixtures, Winding Armatures, Battery Charging Systems, Magnet Coils, Switchboards & Meters, Compensators & Rotors, Electrical Collectors.
Measure, cut, thread, bend, and assemble connections to control panels and junction boxes.
Reading electrical prints, testing circuits, and connections, using multimeters, amp clamps, etc.
Diagnose, repair, and replace electrical malfunctions in components including loading charging, transition problems, wheel slip, sander circuits and high and low voltage grounds.
Perform work activities utilizing voltages up to 1200 and amperages up to 2400.
Examine parts for wear and/or defects such as brushes contact tips, slip rings, armatures, diodes, bearings, and fuses.
Interpret test instrument indicators.
Interpret information from computer monitors or printouts.
Miscellaneous activities and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.
Rate of Pay:
1st 40 Working Days: $18.86 (50% of Full Rate)
Next 204 Working Days: $28.28 (75% of Full Rate)
Next 244 Working Days: $30.16 (80% of Full Rate)
After 2 Years/488 Days Working Days: $37.71 (100% of Full Rate - Journeyman)
Minimum Qualifications:
High School Diploma/GED
18 years of age or older
Valid Driver's License
Preferred Qualifications:
Two years electrician experience.
Completion of an electrical vocational or trade school program.
Journeyman Electrician.
One year experience reading blueprints or electrical schematics.
Veterans and transitioning service members are encouraged to apply. Military roles that often transition well to this position (but not limited to): 65F, 88S, 1345, AMT, AE, 3E0X1 are encouraged to apply.
Skills and Abilities:
Verbal comprehension (understand oral and written communication).
Communication skills (provide clear instructions/directions).
Reasoning skills (problem solving and troubleshooting skills).
Basic Math.
Ability to multitask.
Memory (recall track placement and locomotive location).
Physical Demands:
Heavy work, lifting to 50 pounds.
Walk long distances over uneven terrain.
Demonstrate auditory and visual acuity/tracking/inspection.
Job Requirements:
A Locomotive Electrician holds a safety sensitive position in which he/she must maintain alertness and concentration while at work. Safety sensitive tasks may include:
Constantly working around heavy, moving, potentially hazardous locomotive engines.
Frequently climbing on/off locomotives inside and outside the shop in all weather conditions.
Operating and moving a locomotive engine (some of these movements may fall under the Hours-of-Service act).
Work safely to prevent on the job accidents and injuries
Wear protective equipment such as hard hat, hearing protection, or safety-toe boots
Complete annual training and pass safety rules examinations
Must pass all required assessments
Must pass a background screening
Must pass a post-offer medical examination, including a drug test
This position is governed by a union position and membership is required
Work Conditions
Working hours will include sh