Logistics Technician for Renewable Energy Solutions

Job Posted 8/23/2023
Directional Services
Baltimore, VA
United States
Job Description

Job Title: Logistics Technician for Renewable Energy Solutions

Reports to: Logistics Coordinator of Renewable Energy Solutions

Location: TBD

Position Summary:

The Logistics Technician is responsible for conducting logistics management tasks at the project level to assist the logistics coordinator to receive, control, and distribute across all phases of a project. This role operates material handling equipment such as forklifts, skid steers, and trucks to move material around the project site. The technician will follow instructions given by the logistics coordinator.

A successful Logistics Technician will display a willingness to work, learn, and adhere to company policy and procedures. Ultimately, an outstanding Logistics Technician will take ownership of his/her work and assist the logistics coordinator with all tasks associated with the project inventory management.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Adhere to logistics policies and procedures that increase efficiency at the project level

  • Take direction from the logistics coordinator to ensure the safe handling of materials

  • Receive and offload trucks under the supervision of the logistics coordinator

  • Maintain the lay down yards of all trash, and unwanted debris

  • Ensure that all equipment is inspected each day and maintained (fuel, oil levels, etc.)

  • Maintain cleanliness of equipment on the job site

  • Use material handling equipment to safely transport material to different areas of the job site

  • Organize material on pallets for storage in containers and lay down yards.

  • Act as a spotter when not operating material handling equipment

  • Support offloads to ensure safety, timeliness, and accuracy of records.

  • Assist with inventory management through the physical count of inventory

  • Cultivate safety as a core value throughout the company, supporting the corporate safety program and personnel

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities):

  • 1 year of relevant experience in logistics management (preferred), 1 year of relevant experience in the renewable energy arena (preferred)

  • A certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management (DSI provided)

  • Knowledge of the construction/electrical/solar/renewable industry, and the logistics/transportation industry (preferred)

  • Ability to follow established policies and procedures

  • Follow instructions to safely conduct the task at hand

  • Demonstrate professional maturity and ability work together as a team

  • Willingness to learn about established systems used within the company to propel logistics knowledge

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite

  • Team player

  • Speak and understand Spanish (preferred)

  • Ability to operate a truck with a trailer, and willingness to transport material using this equipment

  • Valid US Driver's license

  • Must pass a drug screening

Physical Demands and Work Environment

Directional Services