Material Handler (Farmington, NM)

Job Posted 8/23/2023
Farmington, NM
United States
Category Farming Jobs
Job Description

The Material Handler will coordinate material, equipment and supplies through requisitions, transfers and direct purchasing procedures to meet area requirements.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to\:

  • Authorize and coordinate work performed by contracted area shops for repairs/exchange of remanufactured parts used in plants and gathering systems.

  • Coordinate warehousing operations, including the ordering, receiving, storage, and distribution of equipment and materials.

  • Assist in coordinating asset recovery functions for surplus, junk, and obsolete materials. 

  • Identify and locate suitable surplus for reuse within the company.

  • Deliver parts and materials to the facilities as needed to minimize downtime.

  • Maintain warehouse by physically stocking shelves and using a forklift when needed.

  • Maintain warehouse data, conducts physical inventory audits of warehouse accounts, reconcile with accounting systems, and prepare material transfers for movement or disposal.

  • Work with technicians and supervision to identify and anticipate materials needed for upcoming and ongoing work.

  • Demonstrate time management skills.

  • Operate forklift, maintain warehouse (load and unload trucks), and keep inventory.

  • Coordinate with drivers in the field to ensure invoices and sales orders are properly accounted for. 

  • Key and analyze physical inventories compared to the computer-generated count.

  • Field excessive phone calls to assist managers.

  • Schedule deliveries. 



The successful candidate will meet the following qualifications\:

  • Purchasing or expediting experience is preferred.

  • Experience in a gas or petroleum related industry is preferred.

  • Ability to assume responsibility, be flexible, perform duties and handle multiple tasks under potentially stressful and/or hazardous conditions.

  • Takes initiative and is proactive in addressing issues.  Quickly and efficiently completes tasks.

  • The ability to demonstrate conscientiousness, dependability and commitment to the role, team and company.

  • Must demonstrate ability to take initiative and use innovative thinking.

  • Inside sales or warehouse experience is preferred.


United States