Parts Specialist

Baltimore, KS
United States
Job Description

Parts Specialist

Reports to:

Store Manager , Parts Manager, or Parts Lead


As Designated

FLSA Classification:


Employee Status:

Full Time, Permanent

Last Updated:

August 2023


Competitive Wages and Benefits - Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, 401K Match and Paid Time Off


Job Responsibilities (ranked in significance):

  • Company Values:  Ensures all company values are adhered to and promoted.  This would include leading by example and participation in employee recognition programs.

  • Retail Sales:  Responsible for meeting assigned revenue and margin objectives through effectively servicing retail customers.  Ensure excellent customer service and sales skills, including correctly identifying customer needs and recommendations, and using up-selling / cross-selling opportunities.  Demonstrates product, including safety concerns, as needed.

  • Service Sales:  Ensures service technician needs are met timely and accurately.  If appropriate and possible, proactively work with service to get needed parts delivered to technicians so their efficiency is maximized.

  • Retail Operations:  Assists manager in ensuring store is appropriately staffed for customer demand and inventory management.  Ensures back office / warehouse storage is clean and organized.

  • Inventory Planning:  Assists manager in planning inventory needs; assists in submitting special / stock orders per established procedures. 

  • Inventory Control:  Ensures proper inventory shortage control through diligent receiving, shipping, and sales processes.  Maintains clean, well-stocked and attractive merchandise displays. Assists in performing physical inventory counts on a regular basis, complete physical inventory annually.

  • Development:  Takes personal initiative to maintain a current knowledge of parts and accessories, including bulletins and safety information to protect all parties.

  • Customer Satisfaction / Communication:  Ensures high level of customer satisfaction as measured by customer surveys, and other customer feedback.  Greet all customers when entering the building.   Greet all customers within 20 seconds of arrival. Ensures customer expectations are met (billing notification, backorder notification, etc.), including extraordinary efforts at meeting commitments. Take effective action to resolve any customer issues that occur.

  • Marketing:  Assists manager with developing and executing parts promotions and inventory strategies.  Works with the Store Manager to manage local marketing activities as needed, including customer and vendor events.

  • Administration / Procedures:  Ensures all corporate policies and procedures are followed, including those regarding inventory, closing of tickets in a timely manner, etc.

  • Communications:  Ensures good communication within location, and with other locations / employees.  Leverage manager and Parts Program Manager as needed for any difficult questions and parts lookups.


  • Associates degree or equivalent experience in parts operations and sales, preferably at a dealership.

  • Excellent retail sales and customer relationship skills

  • Good knowledge of sales techniques and methodologies; knowledge of retail pricing principles and discounting.

  • Working knowledge of retail merchandising, as well as parts storage and warehouse store methods preferred.

  • Inventory management and control knowledge and experience preferred

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with individuals at all levels of the organization

  • Expertise with computer systems, including MS office and internet-based applications

  • Ability to work extended hours during the week and on weekends

  • Ability to travel to company meetings and training events as needed

  • Acceptable Motor Vehicle status, with current driver’s license, and ability to operate motor vehicle