Quantitative Analyst (with focus on financial modelling)

Oakland, CA
United States
Experience Required
Energy / Utilities / Gas / Electric
Job Start Date
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Job Description

We are on a quest to find a dynamic Quantitative Analyst for a leading energy pioneer in Africa over a 6 to 8 weeks contract. If you're passionate about creating financial models that drive sustainable energy projects, this opportunity is for you!

Capabilities, Competencies, and Skills:

Role Essence:

Renewable Energy Finance Guru: Bring to life financial models that cater to the nuances of C&I solar, power grid solar, and hydro projects.

Cultural Maestro: Can you navigate the diverse terrains of Africa's financial landscape? Your insights into Nigeria, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and the DRC will set you apart.

Key Responsibilities:

Design and fine-tune financial models that serve as tools for the investment team.

Ensure the adaptability of models across key African markets: DRC, Nigeria, Kenya, and Sierra Leone.

Collaborate closely with the Head of Investments and possibly the CEO, aligning financial strategies with the company's vision.

Essential Skills & Experience:

Financial Modelling: Proven experience in building robust financial models.

Portfolio Expertise: Hands-on experience with project-finance debt at a portfolio level.

African Energy Landscape: Familiarity with solar and hydro projects in Africa is a huge plus.

Quantitative Analysis: Mastery in breaking down numbers and drawing actionable insights.

Soft Skills:

African Context: A deep understanding of the African financial and energy sectors.

Entrepreneurial Flair: Thrive in dynamic environments, bringing innovative solutions to the table.

Leadership & Consulting: Guide teams with your leadership and offer strategic consulting when needed.

Operational Details:

Location: Ideally onsite in Nairobi, but we're open to remote brilliance.

Collaboration: Engage with the investment team, ensuring some overlap in time zones and occasional face-to-face interactions.


United States