Religious Education Coordinator

Job Posted 8/23/2023
Ladgov Corporation
Farmington, MO
United States
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Job Description

Job Title:  Religious Education Coordinator

Location: Fort Leonard Wood , MO 65473




  • Shall be capable of working on ecumenical projects and demonstrate the ability for teamwork in joint planning for community chapel events. Interactions will include members of all levels of the military, civilian staff, and family members of various faith groups.
  • Shall maintain a professional attitude and work environment reflective of a well-organized religious program.
  • Shall present a neat, well-groomed professional appearance.
  • Shall primarily support military service members and their families.


Education & Qualifications:


  • Shall have a bachelor’s degree in Christian Religious Education, or another ministry field from an accredited university. In lieu of a ministry degree, may possess two years of work experience in a military chapel environment (paid or volunteer) as a religious education coordinator, Christian school teacher, youth minister, Bible school teacher or related field.
  • Shall have the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to accomplish the day-to-day coordination of the Formation Program. This person shall demonstrate a familiarity with the commitment to the Catholic faith and its doctrines, teaching, and beliefs.
  • Effective interaction with individuals from different religious groups is imperative. Applicant  must protect the pluralistic environment of the Army. Individuals shall not demean or proselytize for or against any other religious group.
  • Must have the ability to work effectively in a fluid, fast paced, multi-faceted, pluralistic environment that engenders significant levels of stress and requires a high degree of coordination and cooperation among the chapel staff and the clients who seek assistance.