Research Administrator II

Job Posted 7/2/2023
Michigan State University(MSU)
East Lansing, MI
United States
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Job Description
### Position Summary

The College of Nursing, Center for Nursing Research, Scholarship and Innovation (CNRSI) is looking to hire an individual that together with the Associate Dean for Research and Research Administrator Assistant, will expand the nursing research program over the next 3 years.  Areas of focus will include:


**Expand CON Field Research Program**

The RCL will develop project plans and new initiatives in coordination with Associate Dean for Research matching funding opportunities with faculty strengths and ensure alignment with CON strategic plans and research objectives.  Manage projects and initiatives through coordination of internal/external resources, review deadlines, assign responsibilities, monitor progress and status reporting to ensure successful submission with HCRS team. Interview, hire, train research staff and assign to principal investigators, assist in developing budgets, orders supplies, equipment, manage the daily operations of the field research studies.[]{#_Hlk138224896}  Develop boilerplate manuals for each critical role that can be adapted to specific studies. Develop an overarching manual for new investigators on managing a grant as PI or MPI. Create boilerplate position descriptions that can be adapted for each role.


**Research Project Management**

Anticipate the purchase needs of a grant and explore sources for equipment and supplies.  Analyze/Identify processes to improve the effectiveness and meet field research goals. Prepare/complete strategic plans with Associate Dean for Research for operational goals of field research studies.  Oversees, participates, and develops techniques for collecting field research data as required by agency.  Prepares/collects final statistical and filed data for agency reports as required.  Make sure all logistics of field research project is staffed and addressed as needed. Works with research project leadership and personnel to process reports to agency as required.  New investigators will be coached on the essentials of setting up a new grant, e.g., full IRB if needed, site IRBs as needed, manual development, and research project management. Further, being aware of the roles needed on each funded grant, the CRL can temporarily step into the various roles to get the grant started while personnel are being hired and when there is a change in staff. In this role, []{#_Hlk138224994}they will work with research teams when there are forecasted or unexpected occurrences with the execution of research studies. They will have a broad understanding of research team members' roles. Resolves conflicts between project resources and other functional areas that may arise during the project or of a change in scope of work or personnel.


**Ongoing Duties**

The RCL must work closely with the CON Human Resources Department to be prepared for needed personnel on newly funded grants or as staffing changes on existing grants. Being aware that as one grant winds down, it may be possible to shift staff to a new grant. Keeping a pool of potential applicants would be helpful. It is critical to understand the steps in the hiring process to allow for smooth communication between HR and the RCL when new postings are needed for personnel. Assist PIs to keep a timeline for tracking events in their study. The Lead will consult and work with researchers to determine the appropriate systems, tools, resources, policies, and procedures to address specific questions as they arise. The RCL will offer training programs for the key roles on grants, e.g., recruiter, intervener, data collector, etc., and coordinate training with the PI, who will provide the specific training unique to each study.


They will keep abreast of changes with the IRB, University Compliance, and the CON business offices that affect research studies.  Manage multiple relati