Software Tools Engineer

Job Posted 8/23/2023
Tech Hive
San Diego, MD
United States
Category Software Jobs
Job Description

Job Description

We are seeking to hire a Software Tools Engineer. This is a Full Time Permanent position (not seeking a Contractor or C2C).

This role will be required to work on-site in the North County, Carlsbad, CA area (sorry NO Remote or Hybrid for this position).

In the role of Software Tools Engineer, you will be working on an internal tool for finding code changes that introduced breakages. The work includes extending and adopting this tool across several use cases, including AOSP framework-level code changes and APP-level changes.

Other duties include polishing up the data collection, expanding existing tables to help recognize patterns, and improving the debugging of the system itself. 


Experience: Five (5) years in the position above or in a related software role. Experience must include:

• Hacklang, PHP, Rust, and Python

• Apache Thrift communication protocol

• End to End automation of tests with hardware running

• Experience with the AOSP Framework

• Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration for large-scale systems.

• Experience with the Jest testing framework


United States