Solar Sales Manager

Job Posted 8/29/2023
Vantage Solar Power
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
United States
Category Solar Jobs
Job Description


- $183,000 - $215,000 in yearly earnings

- Competitive bi-weekly commissions plus a generous bonus structure.

- Monthly residual override commissions based on team performance

- Periodic Incentives such as prizes, trips, swag, and more!

About Vantage Solar:

Check us out online at or get to know us on our Instagram, @vantagesolarsales. Vantage Solar is a pioneer in the direct sales space and continues to dominate in the fast-growing Solar industry. On our team we live by 3 culture pillars:

- People first, money second: We believe in providing value first before thinking about a paycheck. What results is a world-class customer service and sales experience for your customers. It also means that you will see less cancellations, more referrals, better paychecks, and a better experience in the solar industry.

- Set lofty goals, work hard: Everyone's personal goals or destination is unique. We recognize that and know that whatever your unique destination may be, solar is a great vehicle to achieve it. Just like a car needs charge/fuel to start moving, the solar vehicle is no different. It's up to you to set high goals and use hard work as the fuel to achieve them.

- Be Open-minded & Coachable: Vantage is home to some of the highest performing solar professionals in Solar today. Take advantage of their mentorship and daily hand's-on training to go from Solar-newbie to Expert Consultant in your first months. To rise to the next level, you must surround yourself with mentors that are "uncommon even amongst the uncommon", a staple of our training platform.

Role Responsibilities:

- Conduct regular, daily sales correlation meetings for your team. Conduct weekly new-hire orientations for new appointment setters.

- Lead from the front:bBe an example of lead generation, follow-up, and closing. Assign area to your appointment setters and manage their production.

- You will be provided warm, company-generated leads on a daily basis. You will be responsible for following-up with those clients and closing them in an in-home, consultative setting.

- Don't leave a single stone unturned: bring value right to the doorstep of your clients by knocking on doors, asking for referrals, talking to your existing contacts, and talking to the neighbors of your lead pipeline.

- Educate homeowners at their door-step on the value of ownership over their power, monthly and yearly energy cost savings, government incentives, and how they can benefit from the most abundant resource on earth: the sun!


- 40 hour per week (full-time)

- At least 1 year of D2D and/or Solar Experience

- Laptop or iPad for in-home presentations.

- Reliable form of transportation.