Validation Engineer

Lion Energy
American Fork, UT 84003
United States
Job Description


The Validation Engineer contributes to the overall success of the Lion Energy Validation Department. Their contribution is critical to verifying that all the products are designed and manufactured to the correct requirements and specifications.



  • Work with the Engineering team by testing the hardware and software capabilities of each Lion Energy product. (Products range from portable chargers & portable power stations to energy storage systems for both residential and commercial.)
  • Define and create test cases to completely verify the functionality of each product.
  • Create testing environments that are efficient and safe.
  • Follow test procedures to ensure that products meet their specified requirements.
  • Learn and use testing equipment relating to electrical measurements and data logging.
  • Create Validation Reports to convey testing results and findings to the rest of the Engineering team and the company.
  • Provide valuable testing feedback and insight to improve Lion Energy products.



  • BS in Electrical Engineering or related field (preferred)
    • Or Senior in college currently working towards graduating in EE or related field (Part Time option available)
    • Or 1+ year experience in related field
  • Good understanding of electrical circuits including (but not limited to):
    • Low voltage DC (12V-48V battery systems, etc.)
    • High voltage DC (100V-500V solar systems, etc.)
    • High voltage AC (240V split-phase, 208V three-phase, 480V three-phase, etc.)
  • Safety knowledge for working with high-voltage circuits
  • Proper wiring knowledge in both basic design and application
  • Critical thinking and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to communicate and coordinate with a team
  • Ability to focus and stay on task individually



We help individuals, families, and organizations become energy-independent. We do this by providing smart lithium energy storage systems that range from small hand-held power banks, solar generators, and RV batteries to home and large custom solutions that are safe, silent, and renewable. They are good for people and our planet!