Transmission Analyst II

  • Green Job Crawler
  • Broomfield, CO
  • 09 Nov, 2019

Job Description

Develops Analytic tools and other information to determine the interconnectionand grid capacity for large-scale wind, solar and storage projects.Replicates studies performed by transmission providers. Provides Power SystemAnalysis and reporting, summarizes findings with Development servicesdepartment. Develops, checks, and reviews Interconnection Applications,Study Agreements and associated drawings and technical specifications.Provides support for commissioning of the generation projects, providingtechnical oversight to construction managers to ensure that grid compliance ismet. Provides Interconnection and Transmission delivery support for projectsfor large-scale wind, solar and energy storage projects across differentISO's .and. TO's across North America including Canada. Provides technicalsupport for large scale wind, solar and energy storage projects to theRenewable Energy Development teams. Provides support in negotiation ofrelevant agreements (LGIA's, SGIA's, WMPA's, etc.) withdifferent ISO's and RTO's. Participates in the stakeholder processes inmultiple ISO and Regional Transmission Organizations, ensuring renewableenergy stakes in the ISO are being properly represented and new policy beingdrafted is amiable to renewable integration Follows safety and securityprocedures and determines appropriate action. Reports potentially unsafeconditions and uses materials and equipment properly. Develops and employstools to analyze .and. evaluate different ISO set-up markets and assist thedevelopment team in making decisions pertaining to making investments in thesemarkets. Provides support in negotiating .and. drafting PPA's/APA's, aswell as help navigate other varied forms of contracts pertaining to exchangeof revenue in the ISO markets.Requires a Master s degree in Electrical Engineering with Energy Systemsfocus or related field plus any amount of knowledge in the following:Transmission Planning, Distribution Planning/Resource Planning; powerflows in PSS/E, PSLP or Power World; RTO/ISO Transmission PlanningProcess, Generation Interconnection Processes and Industry informationsystems (i.e. OATI OASIS, or ISO Market Portals) demonstrated throughrelevant course work covering Energy Grid Systems, High VoltageEngineering, Grid Integration Economics and Renewable Generation .and. Storagetechnology. In lieu of a Master s Degree Employer will accept a Bachelor s degrRequires domestic and international travel at 20% of the time.Must also have authority to work permanently in the U.S. Applicants who areinterested in this position may apply online at 15751) for consideration.