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  • Golden, CO
  • 03 Dec, 2019

Job Description

Position Title:Seismologist The Opportunity:The purpose of this position is to conduct earthquake research withinColorado. This will include installing advanced seismic monitoringequipment, analyzing data, maintaining equipment, and purchasing newequipment. The candidate must work with local residents, governmentagencies, colleges or universities to secure equipment installation siteleases. Maintaining good working relationships with lessors is required. Theposition promotes earthquake research in Colorado though the CGS website,publications, presentations, and other venues. Responsibilities:Seismic monitoring Sites - location and installation:Conducts noise surveys of potential sites where it might be appropriate toinstall seismic monitoring equipmentOnce a site is found, this position works with lessors to obtain landpermission to install seismic monitoring equipmentInstalls seismic monitoring equipment at permanent sitesSeismic monitoring Equipment:Responsible for the purchase through approved sources of seismic monitoringequipment and items required to maintain that equipmentResponsible for maintenance and upkeep of the equipment via field checks andor remote accessAnalyzing seismic Data:Download and analyze data from cloud or directly from instrumentWrite detector programs to automatically locate seismic eventsAdd events to national and CGS earthquake catalogsIf events are significant, publish results in CGS publications or scientificjournalsPublic affairs:Promotes knowledge of Colorado seismicity through CGS website and publicationsPresents at local and national conferencesConducts public earthquake outreach eventsAnswers emails from publicOther duties as assigned :On occasion, this position may be assigned other duties needed to help driveto the vision, fulfill the mission, and uphold Mines' and theDepartment's organizational values. Minimum Qualifications:BA or BS degree from a four-year accredited college or university in the fieldof physics or geophysicsAdvanced knowledge of seismicity and tectonics within intracratonic and basinsettings as represented in Colorado.Published papers in scientific journals and abstracts at conferences regardingColorado seismicity or seismic instrumentation.In-depth knowledge of Sercel and Trimble seismic monitoring equipment andinstallation of remote monitoring sites that use solar power and cellularcommunications.Demonstrated knowledge of Matlab, Python, Java; must be able to usethese programs for forward modeling and create seismic wave detectors.Preferred Qualifications:Current enrollment in a Ph.D. program in geophysics or physicsInterest in conducting earthquake research within the Raton Basin or similarbasins in Colorado and collaborating with other research partners.Demonstrated ability to conceptualize seismicity-related projects withinColorado and involve both graduate and undergraduate students.Willingness to seek funding for projects and publish results in reports andscientific journals.Demonstrated ability to work on potentially controversial problems dealingwith triggered/induced seismicity in Colorado. This will include answeringquestions from the public, the media, and other CGS constituents regardingnatural and triggered seismicity.Must have the ability to explain complex concepts in a simple manner andremain unbiased. This may also include representing CGS and Mines at meetingsand conferences as well as communicating and collaborating with stateregulatory agencies, federal agencies, academia, industry, andconsultants. How to Apply:Applicants will be asked to complete an online application (personalinformation, demographic information, references, veterans status) andupload a resume and cover letter (required). References will not becontacted until later in the selection process and you will be informed beforethat contact is made. Total Rewards:Starting salary will be determined by the qualifications of the selectedapplicant balanced with departmental budget availa