MRV Rapid Assessment National Consultant

  • Global Green Growth Institute
  • Burkina Faso
  • 09 Feb, 2020
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Job Description

This is a deliverable-based consultancy position that will provide technical support to Burkina Faso for development of a monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system as per the requirements of the enhanced transparency framework (ETF) of the Paris Agreement and specifically focused on creating a national GHG inventory following the modalities, procedures and guidelines (MPG) of the Article 13 of the Paris Agreement. In coordination with the International Consultant, the position will review the existing MRV systems in Burkina Faso to identify the legal, policy and technical gaps in the nation in order to develop a roadmap for a national MRV system for Burkina Faso. The position will map the key institutions involved in data and information gathering for preparing a complete GHG inventory as per IPCC 2006 guidelines. The legal gap assessment will evaluate the existing national laws and regulations on relevant data collection, and their ability to serve the preparation of a national GHG inventory. Finally, the position will support the organization of a consultation workshop discuss and refine the findings of the assignment with relevant stakeholders.

This consultancy assignment would require the outlined deliverables across and within 5 months from the starting date of the assignment. The “Scope of Work” section outlines the list of deliverables for this consultancy assignment.

The consultant is required to interact closely with relevant project members and stakeholders on a regular basis. He/she is expected to work from the GGGI offices on a regular basis during the period of the consultancy. Any changes in work location (during part of the consultancy) would need to be agreed with GGGI prior to the start of the consultancy.


Objectives/Purpose of the Assignment:


Under the guidance of the GGGI Burkina Faso’s Country Representative in Ouagadougou, MRV Rapid Assessment International Expert, together with the Senior Analyst of MRV program at GGGI HQ, and in consultation with the Ministry of Environment, the MRV Rapid Assessment National Consultant will assist the review existing MRV systems in Burkina Faso, including its institutional, legal, and reporting arrangements; its coverage and compliance with the enhanced transparency framework of the Paris Agreement; status and requirements for the development of the national, sub-national and sector level GHGs emission accounting activities by identifying the GHG data gaps that will all feed into the final report with details outlined in the deliverable section below.

  1. Supporting the defining of scope and coverage of the MRV system of the Burkina Faso for the national MRV system development by identifying the scope of activities, thresholds and GHGs, as well as other elements to be covered by the national GHG inventory;
  2. Supporting the review of existing data and information collection systems in Burkina Faso, and assess replicability and/or necessary coverage expansion to meet the requirements of the enhanced transparency framework of Paris Agreement;
  3. Supporting the mapping of existing institutional arrangements as per the reports submitted by Burkina Faso (national communications, GHG inventories, etc.) for creating a national MRV system as per requirements stated under the Paris Agreement, and international best practices
  4. Identifying key institutions responsible for relevant data collection and record keeping
  5. Identifying public and private sector stakeholders and their mandates, roles and responsibilities for creating a national MRV system
  6. Creating a data sharing and reporting arrangements framework
  7. Supporting the evaluation of the existing legal, policy, and technical frameworks for data measurement, reporting and verification that currently serve existing national laws and regulations
  8. Support the review the status and requirements for the development of the national, sub-national and sector level GHGs emission accounting activities by identifying the GHG data gaps
  9. Identifying data collection tools, methodologies, and calculations for the baseline emissions under prioritized areas/sectors
  10. Support the definition of the national level QA/QC procedures for GHG data collection and reporting
  11. Organizing a stakeholder engagement workshop with the support of GGGI Burkina Faso Program and Ministry of Environment.


Scope of Work:


  1. Identify specific information needs for completing the inception report in discussion with the international lead consultant, and gather, collate and where necessary analyze the required information
  2. Support the review and data collection based on the research question and source of data for the implementation of the MRV system
  3. Conduct a stakeholder analysis and identification of relevant activities of national agencies, local organizations and development partners, and where possible, specify how they might contribute to specific activities
  4. Liaise and coordinate with the MRV experts, relevant national stakeholders and development partners to solicit their inputs and feedback on documents, as necessary, to ensure consistency in terms of levels detail of background and activities;
  5. Support the elaboration of the Interim report on the review of existing MRV systems in Burkina Faso. 
  6. Support the identification of the stakeholders and facilitate the meetings and data collection. Support the definition of role and responsibility 
  7. Collect and support the review of the all Legal documents related to the national MRV system: current legal, policy and technical frameworks for data collection
  8. Support research and elaboration of the international good practice examples of national MRV systems including for similar economies to Burkina Faso
  1. Support the organization of the stakeholder consultation workshop.
  2. Support the elaboration of the final report outlining the scope of a national MRV system with a focus on GHG Inventory for Burkina Faso  


Output/Reporting Requirements/Deliverables:


The national Consultant, in a team with an International expert will report to the GGGI Country Representative in Ouagadougou, the MRV international expert and MRV Senior Analyst based in HQ. She/he is expected to deliver following outputs per identified timeline and payment schedule below:



Due Date*

Payment amount

Deliverable 1: List of existing data and source of collection

04 weeks after commencement


Deliverable 2: List of key stakeholders and current responsibility

08 weeks after commencement


Deliverable 3: Note of current legal, policy and technical frameworks for data collection

10 weeks after commencement


Deliverable 4:

Report of the stakeholder consultation workshop

14 weeks after commencement


Deliverable 5:

Stakeholder consultation workshop

16 weeks after commencement


Deliverable 6: Final report outlining the scope

20 weeks after commencement





  • Master’s degree in a relevant analytical field, such as Science, Environmental Policy, Engineering, Development Economics, Environmental economics, Environmental technology, or any related qualification.
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills, alongside strong synthesis and strategic thinking skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Burkina Faso context and good relationship with government actors
  • Demonstrate research and data collection skills for GHG measurement and management.
  • Demonstrated experience in area-based or sectoral-based GHG emissions estimation
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in technical activities related to green growth and climate change area
  • Proven experience in establishing and maintaining working relations with officials and technical experts in the government.
  • Demonstrate experience and success in the engagement of, and working with both the public and private sector, especially with the government of Burkina Faso;
  • Ability to apply sufficient analytical and technical skills to acquire relevant information/knowledge from a variety of sources which are often difficult to access, in support of delivery of a good quality output
  • Excellent written and spoken communications skills in English and French are required
Documents to be submitted (Online application)


  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Cover letter
  • Proposed oneā€‘page work plan, indicating applicant’s understanding of the TOR; approach to the assignment; the indicative timeline to achieve deliverables.