Audio Visual Counselor

  • Catalina Island Marine Institute
  • Toyon Bay, California, USA
  • 10 Feb, 2020
Seasonal Operations Jobs

Job Description

The Sea Camp AV Counselor position is responsible for assisting the counseling and program staff with their audio, visual, and property needs for all summer camp events. The ultimate goal is to produce professional quality camp events (lights, sound, music, props, sets, etc) that are flawlessly executed. The AV Counselor is charged with taking the ideas of the counseling and program staff and helping to turn them into reality. As a result, the AV Counselor must have a wide array of experience in both the digital and physical world whether solving audio problems in a camp movie or constructing a Wild West façade for an event. 


The AVP must have:

- Great working knowledge of :

o theatrical light and sound systems

o microphone and PA systems

o computer and projection equipment

o carpentry and the use of power tools and other powered equipment

- Strong organizing and time management skills

- Be able to manage set up and tear down of multiple events on a single night with varying AV needs

- The ability to work and clearly communicate with different members of staff in different departments

- Initiative to make events better and go above and beyond to create unique experiences for campers and staff alike


The AV Counselor is responsible for the care and maintenance of all equipment in their charge including but not limited to computers, flashes, cameras, lenses, SD cards, PA systems, wired and wireless mics, lights, power tools and other equipment and accessories. The AV Counselor could at times be asked to assist the Summer Director in various office/administrative tasks. The AV Counselor is a part of the counseling staff and reports to the Summer Director. 


AV Counselor Job Duties:


AV Support

- Set up and take down of any AV needs for ALL camp events including:

o Arrival and Departure Days

o Crew Nights

o Elective Nights

o Beach Parties

o Dances

o Carnival

o Final Night Slideshows, Dinners, Awards & Ceremonies

o Other events as directed by the Summer Director


- Assist in the development and creation of props and other items needed for camp events including but not:

o Ordering of supplies and organizing materials 

o Overseeing and completing small construction projects

o Creating awards, trophies, signage, and other camp activity related needs. 

All Sessions

- Collect film as available to help produce future summer camp marketing material

- Consult with Summer Program Director weekly to go over best times to film and or review footage previously shot. 


Other duties as required by Summer or Program Director.