Solar Installation Professional

  • Green Job Crawler
  • Island Park, NY
  • 21 Jun, 2020

Job Description

Solar Installation Professionals Needed: EmPower Solar seeks top quality construction professionals to become Solar Installation Tradesmen. EmPower Solar view's solar construction as a unique emerging trade which incorporates both electrical and carpentry trades. Installers participate in both "on the job" and formal training programs. Responsibilities: Installation of solar electric systems on homes and commercial buildings. Roof work includes system layout, mounting of attachments and/or rails, mounting of solar panels, module wiring, interconnections and more. Electrical and interconnection work includes conduit runs, wire pulling, inverter mounting, mounting and dressing of electrical enclosures, final terminations, and more. All systems are inspected and commissioned by installers. Data monitoring systems installed and commissioned to properly communicate over the internet with the central server; data monitoring training with homeowner. Additional tasks/skills include driving the company van, keeping working environments clean and organized, and much more! Qualifications/Skills: Candidates should be hard-working, passionate, dependable, creative, organized, planning-oriented, problem solvers, and detail-oriented. Construction/mechanical experience, comfortable using tools, enjoys working in the field, outdoors and in varying weather conditions. Willing to work late hours, basic computer/networking skills are important, college degree or working towards one, owns a vehicle with a valid driver's license with a clean driving record. Experienced installers are offered as high as $35.00/hour or more. Many benefits: 401k, health, dental and vision insurance, vacation and holidays. Please email: