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  • 26 May, 2019

Job Description

Analyst Senior Print Apply Analyst Senior Salary $56,722.00 - $84,715.00 Annually Location Gainesville, FL Job Type Full-Time Regular Department ELECTRIC UTILITY FUND Job Number 08268 Closing 6/9/2019 11:59 PM Eastern + Description + Benefits + Questions Job Ad The City of Gainesville is seeking a dynamic and experienced individual who is innovative and forward thinking that will embrace the organization's citizen-centered vision. The community, its elected leaders, and executive leadership team have embraced this vision. Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) currently has an opening for a qualified Analyst Senior to join our Rates and Forecasting team. We are looking for a highly responsible professional with strong quantitative skills to perform complex analyses that support management decision processes. The successful candidate will be capable of using critical thinking to identify and solve problems using well thought out analytical techniques. A typical work day may include: • Prepare cost of service studies for GRU's Electric, Natural Gas, Water, and Wastewater systems. • Calculate monthly fuel adjustment charges for the Electric and Natural Gas systems. • Design rate structures and pricing detail for each system and enter prices into the customer billing system. • Develop forecasts of number of customers, unit sales, and revenues for each system. • Benchmark corporate performance statistics against those of other utilities. • Prepare monthly wholesale customer bills. • Prepare monthly billing summaries. • Report on solar energy production and customer payments. • Monitor energy patterns of solar photovoltaic systems and electric vehicle charging stations. • Respond to industry association data requests and comply with state and federal government reporting requirements. • Respond to customer inquiries with explanations of bill calculations and rate structures. • Interact with other staff throughout GRU to provide technical consulting assistance with billing, rate, and financial analysis matters. Minimum Qualifications: + Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, public administration, finance, accounting or a related field as required by the hiring department, and three (3) years of progressively responsible experience in financial, operational, fuels or marketing analysis, Or, + Seven (7) years of progressively responsible related analytical experience (with no degree), or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities. *The position may under-fill as Analyst with the following qualifications* + Bachelor's degree in business or public administration, finance, or a related field, and two (2) years of experience in financial, operational, fuels or marketing analysis, Or, + Six (6) years of related analytical experience (with no degree), or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities. + Note: Professional certification through National Association of Purchasing Management, National Institute of Governmental Purchasing or Institute for Supply Management may fulfill the above educational requirements for Purchasing Department Analyst positions. Preferred Skills • An academic background with emphasis in quantitative methods. • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills. • The ability to work effectively and efficiently with a variety of internal and external customers. • The ability to work both independently and within a team environment. • The ability to take on new tasks with high level of difficulty. • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills. • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. • Knowledge of statistical programming software such as SAS. • Knowledge of other software such as Access and SAP products. • Ability to present work product to upper management and legislative body. Notes: + Valid Florida Driver License required. + May Require Assessment(s). + May fill multiple positions. + May establish an eligibility list. Embracing change is the Gainesville way of life. Come join our team as we shift the culture from "No to Yes", "from reactive to proactive," "from policy-oriented to services-oriented", and "from silos to teams". Job Description SUMMARY Professional mid-level work performing analytical activities of significant complexity that require independent and critical thought and problem definition and solution analysis and may require the review of work or direction of lower level Analysts. Positions allocated to this class report to a designated supervisor and work under general supervision. Work in this class is distinguished from other classes by the technical and independent nature of the research and analysis required. EXAMPLES OF WORK** ** This section of the job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities of the position. The omission of a specific job function does not absolve an employee from being required to perform additional tasks incidental to or inherent in the job. Performance of lower level duties may be required. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS Depending on area of assignment: Prepares varied financial, operating or marketing reports, including study plans, quarterly summaries, forecasts, system and organizational analyses, and work flowcharts. Acquires and disseminates information concerning work methods and procedures, controls, and similar management functions. Develops alternatives and makes specific recommendations to superiors and assists in implementing the recommendations. Develops and maintains computer-based data files and records related to customers, costs and cost support schedules. Determines short-term fuel requirements for utility facilities and exchange of wholesale transactions to third parties. Assists in the preparation and monitoring of the departmental budget. Evaluates capital expenditure requests and capital needs of the department. Assists in the performance of technical and analytical evaluations on purchases, exchanges, sales, transportation, usage and inventories of utility fuels. Studies actual and potential problems and presents findings to officials using charts, slides, and other visual aids to describe findings, proposed solution, and effect in such areas as policy, program, organization, procedure, and form. Designs and implements marketing research systems and projects to identify and analyze competitors' strengths and weaknesses and marketing and communications processes' strengths and weaknesses. Conducts audits to monitor performance. Performs rate, load, financial, operational or marketing studies. Makes long- and short-range financial, operating, facilities or marketing plans. Provides direction and oversight of work of lower level Analysts. Attends work on continuous and regular basis. NON-ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS Depending on area of assignment: Assists in identifying user needs for automated information systems. Assists in formulating operating procedures for assigned division. Assists departments in developing service goals, objectives and standards. May supervise, plan, and coordinate the work of subordinates. May act in absence of supervisor. Performs other related duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential job function satisfactorily. Below are the required education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential functions. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, public administration, finance, accounting or a related field as required by the hiring department, and three (3) years of progressively responsible experience in financial, operational, fuels or marketing analysis, or seven (7) years of progressively responsible related analytical experience (with no degree), or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provide the required knowledge, skills and abilities. CERTIFICATIONS OR LICENSES Licenses Depending on area of assignment: Valid Florida Driver License required. Certifications None. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES Depending on area of assignment: Thorough knowledge of financial, statistical, economic, utility, fuels or marketing analysis, techniques and modeling and the ability to apply knowledge in preparing studies and forecasts. Thorough knowledge of generally accepted accounting and financial principles and practices. Working knowledge of computers and relevant software and ability to apply knowledge in performing computations and analyses. Thorough knowledge of governmental or utility budget, audit and accounting procedures. Ability to keep records and prepare reports. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to work effectively with elected officials, charter officers, department heads, representatives of other agencies, other City employees, and the general public. Thorough knowledge of organizational structure, functions, operations, objectives, and goals of municipal government or utilities. Thorough knowledge of laws, ordinances, regulations and statues which govern local government or utility functions. Ability to develop long-term plans and programs and to evaluate work and accomplishments. Ability to collate, analyze, and creatively interpret data and trends in order to make recommendations for products and services. Ability to make effective presentations in group or individual settings. Thorough knowledge of organization structure, functions, internal relationships, and interactions with other levels of organization. Thorough knowledge of office procedures and practices, business English, spelling, and commercial arithmetic. PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS To perform this job successfully, an individual must possess certain physical abilities and be able to withstand work related environmental conditions. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS While performing the duties of this job, the employee is often required to sit for prolonged periods of time. WORK ENVIRONMENT May be required to attend meetings outside regular business hours. To learn more about benefits offered from the City of Gainesville / Gainesville Regional Utilities, please visit our benefits page at: 01 The information provided in your application must support your selected answers in the supplemental questions. The information you provide will be verified and documentation may be required. Please be as honest and accurate as possible. You may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a work sample or during an interview. By completing these supplemental questions you are attesting that the information you have provided is accurate. Any misstatements, omissions, or falsification of information may eliminate you from consideration. + Yes, I understand and agree. + No, I do not agree. 02 Please select the option below that best describes your highest level of education. Proof of the required education for this position will be requested at the time of appointment. You may attach the documentation as part of your application for review and consideration should you be selected to move forward in the hiring process. + High School Diploma + Associates Degree + Bachelor's Degree + Master's Degree 03 Please select the option that best describes your relevant major course. **EDUCATION MUST BE SHOWN ON APPLICATION FOR CONSIDERATION** + Financial, operational, fuels or marketing analysis + Other-Related + Other Non-Related + No Degree 04 If you selected "Other Related" in the previous question, please indicate what field of study and how it relates to financial, operational, fuels or marketing analysis. If this does not apply to you, please enter "N/A" 05 Do you understand that the position may under-fill as "Analyst" based on qualifications? + Yes + No 06 How many years of experience do you have in financial, operational, fuels or marketing analysis? ***All relevant work experience must be clearly listed and shown in your application for consideration.*** + 0 - Less than 1 yea + 1 year - Less than 2 years + 2 years - Less than 3 years + 3 years - Less than 5 years + 5 years - Less than 7 years + More than 7 years 07 Please select from the option below where you initially learned about this employment opportunity: + City of Gainesville Website + + Career Source + Word of Mouth + College Job Posting + Other + Prefer not to disclose + Guardian + Recruiter + Professional Diversity Network PDN 08 If you selected "Other" from the above option, please identify the event, activity or source where you initially learned about this employment opportunity. Please type N/A if this question does not apply to you.* Required Question Agency City of Gainesville Address 222 E. University Ave PO BOX 490 Gainesville, Florida, 32627 Website Apply Your browser does not support the IFRAME feature, which is required by this web page.