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Our rapidly growing solar installation company is seeking qualified candidates to assume a role of "Solar Consultant". Solar Consultants will be responsible for the following tasks and duties:

1. Solar Consultants must become experts in the underlying technology that drives a residential solar photovoltaic (PV) system, as well as the unique solar environment (PG&E electricity pricing, CSI rebate program. . ...etc) in the state of California. You MUST be self-motivated and a quick learner as it is expected that you will study outside of the job to master the necessary information.

2. Your sole responsibility will be to drive sales of residential solar systems. Leads will be provided, but this is a commission-plus-costs based job and only those with proficient prospecting and sales skills will thrive. Sales duties include:
a) Service daily lead flow in a professional and timely manner. Confident, articulate phone skills are crucial during this phase of the sales process.
b) Manage and organize new lead flow through
c) Set appointments with prospective customers.
d) Prepare marketing materials and system proposals for all customer meetings. All solar consultants are expected to learn the basics of PV system design and use that knowledge to develop their own sales proposals.
e) Meet with potential customers at their home to discuss the basics of residential solar systems and present company proposals.
f) Track all customer interaction through and maintain an organized schedule for timely customer follow-up.

3. Outside of the daily "sales" responsibilities, Solar Consultants may be asked to help fill out rebate paperwork, present an educational seminar for a group of 30 perspective customers, run a permit to the building department. . ...etc. This is a small company and at the end of the day we must all wear many hats.

This is not the average "sales" opportunity with one of the large solar contractors in the state. Our company takes a more thoughtful approach to the process. As such, our ideal candidate is going to be very different from what most of our competitors are looking for. Notice, the terms "closer" and "one meeting sale" have not been mentioned in this post. Those terms do not interest us. . .. . .we are not looking for used-car salesmen. Instead, we are looking for smart, energetic, thoughtful professionals. Our ideal candidate will have the technical and quantitative background to be able to master the technology driving residential solar systems. At the same time, that candidate must also be able to connect with a customer in an inviting and energetic manner and feel comfortable asking for the business.

Earning Potential:
-Good sales person: 40 sales per year and $100k+ in commissions.
-Average sales person: Relieved within 3 months... we're only interested in the best. Do not apply if you have any self-doubt.

Our company is located in Walnut Creek, CA


-Solar experience
-College graduate
-3 years of sales or consulting experience
-Real estate sales, financial consulting, or pharmaceutical sales background is a plus