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Conservation Services Group


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Sustainable Building Energy Efficiency

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  • Conduct complex diagnostic testing and energy audits in residential homes, entering attics, basements and crawl spaces. Determine insulation levels in both attics and walls. Conduct visual checks of age and condition of HVAC equipment and ducts. Install compact fluorescent lamps and water conservation devices as defined by program. Perform diagnostic tests as needed and utilize energy modeling software. Conduct blower door testing and infrared analysis.
  • Perform thorough and accurate residential audits in accordance with program energy efficiency standards and client requirements.
  • Complete an energy use data collection form to capture home data and generate lists of recommended retrofits. Generate computerized report for the customer. Track and enter all required program data in an accurate and timely manner. Provide proper and timely reporting of program progress.
  • Interact with homeowners and answer questions regarding energy efficiency and recommend next steps.
  • Encourage homeowners to undertake specific energy saving measures based on the home energy audit. Explain incentives and/or loans, and tax credits for energy efficiency improvements that may be available
  • Stay current on latest program initiatives, policies, procedures, etc. and propose ideas for improvement. Develop advanced technical knowledge in energy efficiency and building science and train other staff members.




  • HS Diploma or equivalent
  • BPI, RESNET or other building science certifications
  • 8 -10 years experience in residential construction, energy conservation, HVAC, building diagnostics, air infiltration reduction and sidewall and attic insulation
  • Advanced customer service and client relationship management skills and enthusiasm for energy conservation. Ability to effectively communicate technical and program concepts to staff, contractors, consumers, and other interested people or organizations. Ability to work independently and in a team setting.
  • Computer proficiency, experience with Windows-based office applications required. Familiarity with computerized building energy modeling software such as REM/Rate, ResCheck and Home Check, Manual J, or other residential construction software required



Conservation Services Group (CSG) is the leading provider of residential energy efficiency programs in North America. CSG has helped Americans make smart energy use decisions an important part of the way they live and work since 1984. The company designs, develops, and delivers innovative, results-driven programs. CSG employees are committed to a mission of delivering these comprehensive programs to help people use energy more wisely. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are our sole business, not one of a hundred departments in a large corporation. CSG provides proven expertise to utilities, state agencies, trade allies and homeowners, tenants, and property owners seeking to improve home durability, safety, air quality and comfort while saving money. We bring creativity and commitment to our goals of championing the development and use of safe, clean energy.

People who work at CSG say that it's a unique kind of organization - one that nurtures individual talents and inspires dedication. We share a commitment to our work and our mission. CSG has a collegial atmosphere, where people respect and encourage each other to help the environment and change the way our country uses energy. How about you; do you see yourself as a part of our team?