Green Jobs

Welcome to The operators of decided to temporarily shutdown the jobs board that was operating here.

Why did you shutdown

We've been wanting to migrate the platform to a self-hosted system for awhile. We got web development quotes for moving the green jobs board and decided it was easier to shutdown temporarily while the new site is getting developed out and built.

We are also exploring other industries and options for which are not related to the renewable energy, conservation, etc. space.

How can I contact

Please send an email to adam AT greenjobs dot COM to get into contact with us for any issues regarding

If you feel certain services were not rendered properly, we can certainly process FIAT currency back.

We did send out a notice in our newsletter detailing options for existing customers. We can understand if certain people did not receive the email though. We are happy to work with you and make sure you are happy with

Is for sale?

Inquiries and offers on come in all the time.

Send an actual hand-crafted note so I know you are a real person.

Also include enough information that I can research and know you are legit. I ignore emails from people that don’t turn up in search engines. That's just how it is nowadays.

Generic dot-com domain names are extremely valuable assets. So don't waste time.

Are you open to partnerships?

We of course are always open to working with companies and organizations on

Many well known people have approached us in the past about partnering on We are happy to discuss ideas and opportunities with any serious parties.

How can I be informed of relaunch?

Please sign-up for our newsletter below. We will update you when we relaunch